yppasswd for password sync

Jason Todd s023jlt at boston.skyline
Tue Oct 31 02:43:23 GMT 2000

I've had no problem setting up password sync with 'passwd' but now I set
up an NIS domain and need 'yppasswd'.  The problem I've run accross is
that 'yppasswd' (when run as root) asks for the root password before going
any further.  To verify that's what was going on, I modified the 'passwd
chat' parameter to include the Q&A pair with the root password.  It
worked, but I REALLY don't want the root password stored, plain-text, in
my smb.conf file.

If any of you have had a similar problem and have a better solution,
please reply to:

todd.4 "at" wright.edu


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