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On Sun, 22 Oct 2000 15:32:21 -0700, Prince Polius wrote:

>I did some testing at home and was able to block off one of 
>my users (at home) from a particular file (just as a test). I used 
>the "valid users = whoever" and "public = no" command in the SHARE 
>DEFINITIONS section of the smb.conf file. It  worked fine. Now I 
>would like to reinstate this user's access to the same file... but I 
>can't get it to come back up... I keep getting a message that reads 
>"... the share is not accessible/cannot be found..." All
> machines are Win98 except the samba server which runs on RedHat 
>Linux 6.1.

You will need to drop the connection between the client and Samba to 
force Samba to re-read the configuration file. Use smbstatus to find 
out the PID for your connection, then kill this PID.


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