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Hi I have used same login for 11 windows client and encountered no problem.

Try to delete .pwl files on the pc that u have problem logging in.


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Subject: Login Problem
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 14:51:09 -0400
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   I have two computers connected to my Samba server, and I am having =
trouble logging in on the one.

Samba Server is NEON

Notebook computer is XENON and will connect fine as SSCOTT (user in Unix =
also) with the proper password.

Desktop computer is MERCURY and can connect fine as SSCOTT2, or another =
user with the proper password.  However, if I try to connect as SSCOTT =
on this computer, then it fails with "Neon is not accessible.  No =
permission to access resource."  If I shut down the notebook computer, =
and try this again, it still fails. I can however, see everything fine =
if I use a different login name.

   Is there a known problem here with trying to use the same account =
from two machines at the same time, or even two different computers at =
any time?

Steven Scott
Solution Consultants Inc.
Email: mailto:steven_scott at solutionconsultantsinc.com

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