Password must be entered multiple times / nmbd has to be restarted

Dave Brodin brodind at
Wed Oct 25 20:51:28 GMT 2000

I searched the archives, but I couldn't find solutions to these two

1. Sometimes, users will enter their correct password during login from
Windows 95 and receive the following error "Domain password is not
correct or access to your login has been denied".  After the error, they
return to the login dialog and press enter again (without changing the
password).  This time it lets them in.  It's not fatal but its very
annoying.  It seems like some kind of timeout problem but I can't see
anything in the configuration.

2. We have a central WINS server and five other Samba servers that get
their WINS info from the central one.  Periodically, the central WINS
server will lose information about the IP of one of the other servers. 
Eventually, it would lose it for all of them.  I then have to go to that
other server and restart nmbd.  At that point, the central server
relearns the IP address.  During the time the IP is not know by the main
WINS server, users from other subnets can't browse that Samba server. 
I'm still confused by WINS, so I'm not sure what kind of circumstances
could cause this to happen.  Do WINS entries expire?

Any help on these would be greating appreciated.
Dave Brodin
Lead Systems Engineer
Information and Technology Services
City of Bloomington

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