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    As I mentioned in earlier messages, the SSCOTT login works from the notebook, but not the desktop
computer.  I can login from the desktop computer as SSCOTT2 and then everything is okay.  I can login
as SSCOTT2 on the notebook and share everything properly as well.  I have deleted the .PWL from
C:\WINDOWS without any effect, and I did restart everything, including Samba.  I am currently trying 
to remove the SSCOTT user from Linux and Samba, then I will re-add the user to see if this clears up
anything.  The user will also be removed from both Windows computers as well.

Steven Scott
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  Actually, you shouldn't have any problem with your setup.  I also run RH6.2 and
  sharing is really out of the box.

  Just try to delete all .pwl files on windows directory.  Re-login and make sure
  that you entered the same password to your linux box.  one thing more... check
  your smbpasswd file if said users are included.

  I recommend that you use os level = 65 this could be useful if you have os

  I will try to examine your smb.conf further...
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      I do not know if this matters for what you are doing, but my Linux is RedHat
  6.2, and Samba 2.0.6,  Windows 98 with current patches on the desktop, but not
  fully patched on the Notebook.

  Steven Scott
  Solution Consultants Inc.
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