Samba Installation (Was: Re: same old multiple subnets problem...with a twist!)

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Tue Oct 24 14:39:54 GMT 2000

Computer Solutions wrote:
> Hi you seem pretty smart, let me ask you a question. First, 
> if it means anything I am a reasonably accomplished 
> windows techie, I can fix about anything, install 
> anything and network anything in windoze. Now I have a
> suse linux box vers 6.4, kernel 2. something whatevver
> is about 6 months old or so. So now I want to install samba 
> from a cd vers 2.07 or something onto this to make a nice 
> file server for a friends small office. It has an 233mmx, 8 
> gig hd, 64 ram,3c905 nic card, everything seems to be ok and
> hooked up to a dsl line via a local 8 port hub. So I 
> typed makeinstall samba and it seems to have compied some 
> files to my hard drive.
> So how do I run samba??
> I don't see anything to left click on my desktop, I can't 
> find swat to set things up. I have obviously missed 
> something here and have both O'Reillys Samba book and Sams 
> teach yourself samba in 24 hours. Both the first chapters 
> talk about compiling?? with switches and so forth and 
> I'm prettly lost after that. I have the rpm on suse linux 
> which is I guess a bit like installshield in windoze, 
> whatever. A few simple steps from you since yours 
> is up and running and I can probably figure this out.


I'm not sure here but you talk about running 'make install'
and also talk about RPMs.  So I'm a little confused as to
whether you used a binary distribution of Samba or a 
source distribution.

Either way you should be able to pick up in Chapter 4 of 
the Sam's book for general installation and startup tips.
Chapters 5 - 12 cover smb.conf configuarion (which is 
the same of course regardless of how you installed Samba).

Let me know if you have specific questions.

Cheers, jerry
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