Samba Installation (Was: Re: same old multiple subnets problem... with a twist!)

Samuel Hathaway lsy at
Tue Oct 24 02:43:01 GMT 2000

Computer Solutions wrote:

> Hi you seem pretty smart, let me ask you a question. First, if it means
> anything I am a reasonably accomplished windows techie, I can fix about
> anything, install anything and network anything in windoze. Now I have a
> suse linux box vers 6.4, kernel 2. something whatevver is about 6 months old
> or so. So now I want to install samba from a cd vers 2.07 or something onto
> this to make a nice file server for a friends small office. It has an
> 233mmx, 8 gig hd, 64 ram,3c905 nic card, everything seems to be ok and
> hooked up to a dsl line via a local 8 port hub. So I typed makeinstall samba
> and it seems to have compied some files to my hard drive.
> So how do I run samba??
> I don't see anything to left click on my desktop, I can't find swat to set
> things up. I have obviously missed something here and have both O'Reillys
> Samba book and Sams teach yourself samba in 24 hours. Both the first
> chapters talk about compiling?? with switches and so forth and I'm prettly
> lost after that. I have the rpm on suse linux which is I guess a bit like
> installshield in windoze, whatever. A few simple steps from you since yours
> is up and running and I can probably figure this out.
> thanks in advance
> kevin brown
> los angeles, ca

If you send this message to samba at, it'll go to the mailing list.

If you have RPM installed, you might have more luck finding an RPM of samba
and installing that. That way it'll add the right commands to the start up

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