Mounting Win2K shared volumes on Linux.

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Oct 18 19:16:23 GMT 2000

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Jaimon Jose wrote:

> I do mount a W2K shared volume in my linux machine and access files.  
> But I always get this irritating new line character when I access text
> files in that mounted volume from my linux machine. The same thing
> happens the other way also.  ie.  I won't get new line characters if I
> copy files from Linux to mounted W2k volume.  Any idea how I get rid
> of this problem.

There is no translation of line endings between the client and the server.
What you are seeing is almost certainly that some programs on win2k expect
newlines to be \r\n, all(?) linux programs assume \n, some also handle

Check your actual file contents with a hex editor or something (hexdump is
fine on linux, you should see 0d0a or 0a0d).

See the samba FAQ, this is a common question although more often asked
about making smbd translate stuff (ie the other way).

> Another problem is that I loose connection to my W2k volume quite
> often if I leave that idle for some time.  I will have to remount the
> volume again.  I am using samba-2.0.6-7

Kernel version? If less than 2.2.18-pre15 try upgrading to that version.
Preferrably with this patch:

Info on how to build your own kernel can be found in the kernel howto.
pre-patches for 2.2 can be found on, well hidden in the
/pub/linux/kernel/people/alan/2.2.18pre directory. 2.2.18 pre patches
applies to 2.2.17.


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