Locking propigation probelm samba to netatalk & netatalk to samba

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at matchmail.com
Wed Oct 18 08:12:00 GMT 2000

Take a look at this output from lsof:
smbd    11490        0    8u   REG    3,3 55296 1136647 Maintenanc.fp5
afpd    31010        0    2u   REG    3,3  3207 1136655 auction - envelope.rtf
afpd    31010        0    5u   REG    3,3  4156 1136656 Word Work File L 1
afpd    31010        0    8u   REG    3,3 55296 1136647 Maintenanc.fp5
smbd    31386        0    9u   REG    3,3  4156 1136656 Word Work File L 1

This is showing a rtf file open in word on mac and windows, both writable.  I am
able to save on one while the other has the same file open.  The information
isn't transferring between samba and netatalk.  Locking works within samba and
within netatalk, meaning mac-mac locking conflicts are reported and smb-smb
locking conflicts are too.  But if you have the same file open in windows and
mac, there isn't any warning!

I've turned off oplocks, level 2 oplocks, kernel oplocks and turned on strict
locking.  Same difference.

This is a Debian 2.2 box running 2.2.17  I am attaching my netatalk and samba

Please help!

I'm getting corrupted files because of this. :(

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