Absolutely clueless linux samba user

kevin brown res042sd at gte.net
Tue Oct 17 05:19:43 GMT 2000

OK, so installed suse linux 6.4 and have a neat kde desktop. Now I have a
smba cd from oreilly book publishing. If it was windows I pop the cd in,
installshield starts, i reboot then, whammy, i have samba. Now I have to rpm
or tar something..???
If somebody tells me how to install a program onto linux I will mail the
first person with the most complete instructions $20.
No joking, I just don't get it, installing a program in linux. Come to my
office and give me two hours of linux lessons and I'll give you $30 !
no joking, serious offers only.
I am a very experienced winnt,win9X service tech, and can fix about anything
you throw me.

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