Problems Using smbtar

Virginia G. Kasten vgkasten at
Sun Oct 15 13:10:17 GMT 2000

I was trying to backup up a Windows 95 machine to my linux
box.  We knew that the drive was bigger than the tape. My 
husband and I decided not to backup the games since 
we could easily restore them at a later date from CDs if we
needed to.
Please bear with the long lines shown as examples below.

The following is the command line I am currently trying is
 /usr/bin/smbtar  -v -s sparticus -x SPARTICUSALL -t /dev/st0 -b 512 -X "\Program Files\3DO\ \Games\* \In\ \Ka\* \Sierra\* \PhotoDix\*"
where SPARTICUSALL is the share to backup minus the directories listed.

It failed to exclude the items set for exclude.  I had 
a number of files that did not get backed up that we 
need to backup.  The backup process runs about 3 hours.
Any attempts to place the string of exclude files elsewhere 
in the command resulted in a quick return without even 
touching the tape.
Any suggestions
vgkasten at

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