question about my client that cant connect to SMB

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Mon Oct 16 11:52:31 GMT 2000

Eran Levy wrote:
> Dear Samba Team,
> I have a very big problem and NoOne knows how to resolve it.
> My windows98 client cant connect to my SMB server.
> when Im clicking on the Share Icon in the Network Neighborhood Im getting a
> Box that in the topic there is "Enter Network Password" and it wants my to
> type a Password for the Resource: \\LILOBOOT\IPC$
> IPC$ - there is no directory like this in my computer, I really dont know
> what is it.

The IPC$ share is used for interprocess communication. SMB clients will
connect to this share for a number of reasons, and it's a vital part of
the underground wokings of Samba. It doesn't correspond to anywhere on
the filesystem - it's an internal thing.

> all the passwords that Im typing it still says that its wrong Password.
> I really dont know what is the problem. the Logs not giving any line that

With Win98 and NT > SP3, you'll get this problem if you're not using
encrypted passwords. Go over the docs agains, and make sure encryption
is being used, and is working on your Samba server.

> \\LILOBOOT\MY-DIR Now I dont have any MY-DIR, I have the Resource: IPC$ (=

You can specify any valid username/password here. You are being prompted
because there is something wrong with the encrypted password support.



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