Connection reset by peer

Tom R Haws (PG) trh at
Fri Oct 13 22:04:41 GMT 2000


I am a newbie Samba administrator, so please forgive this if it is a silly 
question, but some of our clients are getting "Connection reset by peer" when 
doing a large file copy from an NT 4.0 workstation to a Samba 2.0.5a server.  
This happens from a cmd window ("DOS box"), and it also happens when there is a 
very compute-intensive operation going on from the PC to a networked file (ie. a 
long time between responses).

I thought the "Deadtime" parameter was causing the connection resets, but that 
was set to 0, which should not cause any timeouts.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Also, is there a searchable archive for this mail list?  I've gone to the Samba 
lists archive site, but after waiting for several archives to load (we only have 
a slow Internet connection) and searching each one for this type of problem, 
I've given up...

-Tom Haws
Tom Haws
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