Possible bug in 2.0.7 build

Coull Staff d_taylor at mindless.com
Thu Oct 12 10:32:27 GMT 2000


I have  been  trying to get 2.0.7 working on a new server (P3 733, 128MB) under RedHat 6.2. I have followed the suggestions in DIAGNOSIS.txt, but on my Win2K PCs cannot get beyond "net view \\myserver" - I always get "System error 5 has occurred."

Other *nix boxes can connect fine, but none of my Win2K machines can connect.

At present, just about everything is commented out in the smb.conf file - I am only using "user" security level, and have created the smbpasswd file, enabled user accts (with smbpasswd -e <user>), etc.

Everything is fine apart from the Win2K boxes.  I would appreciate any suggestions you could provide.


Neil Coggins.

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