Re; Linux Box Blocking Network Neighborhood

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Oct 12 12:15:33 GMT 2000

 Michael B Allen wrote:
| using a "browse monitor" tool they were able to determine that
| the Linux machine had the entire list or at least the missing 
| hosts in it's browse list. I believe also that the other hosts 
| on that segment had the complete list. It was only a
| between the Linux machine and the domain master browser.

	There is a chance that the linux machine, which
	only supports TCP/IP and the Windows machines,
	which default to running IP, NetBlooie and Novell,
	have been unable to synch due to the lack of
	a common protocol.  Check if the domain/workgroup
	master browser has TCP/IP installed, and remove any
	unused protocols (they cause "intermittent and
	hard to diagnose errors").

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