print filenames aren't unique

William R. Knox wknox at
Wed Oct 11 17:14:05 GMT 2000

I'm the one who sent the post to the LPRng mailing list - I realized
what the problem was after seeing Warren Smith (warren at post
the issue here back in September. It is indeed an enormous problem that
was impacting a _very_ large number of people here who wanted my head on
a stick, I do believe.

The solution I would propose (given that separate spool directories do
indeed only limit the problem, and Warren's solution that he posted of
having the Samba print command rename the file and then print it is
still susceptible to two files with the same name coming in at once,
which is what was happening to us) is to spool the file under the old
naming scheme but put the new title information into a macro (perhaps
%J) which could then be fed by to the print command to take care of
changing the title (i.e. lpr -J%J -P%p %s or lp -t%J -d%P %s). This
would allow the correct name to appear in the queue window but would
prevent the jobs from getting whacked.

Any comments?

			Bill Knox
			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

andrew morgan wrote:
> A problem with samba was recently posted to the LPRng mailing list.  In
> older versions of samba, when someone printed, samba created a temporary
> file in the 'path' for that printer share with a filename like
> 'machinename.xxxxxx', where xxxxxx was six random characters.  In this
> way, each filename was unique.
> With samba 2.0.x, it uses the name of the document as supplied by the
> windows client.  Unfortunately, you can imagine how many of these are
> named "Microsoft Word - Document 1".
> I could make separate spool directories for each printer share, but this
> gets very tedious and doesn't completely eliminate the problem.
> Can we have a compromise on this?  Maybe "machinename.documentname"?
>         Andy

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