print filenames aren't unique

andrew morgan morgan at
Wed Oct 11 17:42:44 GMT 2000

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, William R. Knox wrote:

> Andrew,
> I'm the one who sent the post to the LPRng mailing list - I realized
> what the problem was after seeing Warren Smith (warren at post
> the issue here back in September. It is indeed an enormous problem that
> was impacting a _very_ large number of people here who wanted my head on
> a stick, I do believe.
> The solution I would propose (given that separate spool directories do
> indeed only limit the problem, and Warren's solution that he posted of
> having the Samba print command rename the file and then print it is
> still susceptible to two files with the same name coming in at once,
> which is what was happening to us) is to spool the file under the old
> naming scheme but put the new title information into a macro (perhaps
> %J) which could then be fed by to the print command to take care of
> changing the title (i.e. lpr -J%J -P%p %s or lp -t%J -d%P %s). This
> would allow the correct name to appear in the queue window but would
> prevent the jobs from getting whacked.
> Any comments?

Your solution sounds good to me.  I already do something similar:

print command = /usr/local/bin/lpr -P%p -r -Z'win:%m' -J'%m:%s' %s

So I don't really care what the filename is called.

I just subscribed to samba-technical, so I'll follow the discussion there.


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