Win explorer issues

Gary James gary.james at
Mon Oct 9 15:16:37 GMT 2000

I'm having the same problem. Except that after a few seconds my file
will still not copy. I've found a couple files that I can not copy
anywhere onto the samba server.

Heres a few observations that I've made...
The file often makes it to the drive on the samba server.
After I get the error from windows I end up with 2 processes on the
samba server attached to the client. The first (original) process
still has the file open (SWAT reports... Sharing=DENY_ALL, R/W=WRONLY,
oplock=NONE). At this point the second process seems to have taken
over the connection.

I don't know if this is related at all but I might as well mention
Last week I changed out my firewall hardware. In doing so I messed up
part of the script that the modifies the /etc/hosts file. Now samba is
not on the firewall, but it broke. About half of the office could not
write anything to the server, the other half had no problems. When I
fixed the firewall everything was back to normal, where just a few
files fail to write. I don't know if this matters, everybodies DNS
goes through the firewall to our ISP.

> Message: 2
> Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 20:24:08 +1300
> From: Greg Cockburn <greg at>
> Organization: Performance Magic
> To: samba at
> Subject: Win explorer issues
> I am having a few issues with copying / moving files on the samba server
> using windows explorer. I also watch clients (eg Netscape caching) come
> to a grinding halt for a period of time if they are reading/writing
> files to a network drive.
> If I move / copy a file to a share on the samba server it will move the
> status bar all the way across, sit there for a while then pop up this
> message:
> 'Cannot create or replace <filename>. The specified network resource or
> device is no longer available.'
> and then most of the time if I try it again in a few seconds it works
> fine. There are few files that have been severly problematic, but I
> can't nail it down to any one thing. I have played around with oplocks,
> filenames, sizes (bigger ones are more problematic), max xmit, and
> various other smb.conf stuff that I thought may be at fault. I just
> can't nail it down to one thing.
> Any ideas anyone? :-(

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