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Kevin (HxPro) Wheatley hxpro at
Fri Oct 6 13:36:43 GMT 2000

> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Justen Marshall wrote:
> [ lots of things about small files ]

I missed the start of the thread so please forgive me if you've already
done this...

what kind of performance do you get running running Unix commands on the
Octane ?? The following is an O2000 4 CPU+Cipricos, and an Indigo 2 both
with 6.5.9f

e.g. say I have a small directory with a few average sized files...
small for our industry anyway :-)

hxpro at mutha 43% timex ls > /dev/null

real        0.13
user        0.11
sys         0.02

hxpro at mutha 44% timex ls -l > /dev/null

real        2.17
user        0.90
sys         1.27

hxpro at mutha 45% ls -l | wc
         12224        110009        809081
hxpro at mutha 46% timex du -sk
99349072        .

real        0.52
user        0.03
sys         0.49

hxpro at mutha 49% timex find . -name foo -print

real        0.47
user        0.04
sys         0.43

the long listing is taking longer due to NIS server lookup, but then I
expect nsd to cache that result and go from cache for the user id ->
name translation etc. Repeatedly running the ls -l the 2nd time is 

hxpro at mutha 54% timex ls -l > /dev/null

real        1.41
user        0.89
sys         0.52

running via NFSv3 UDP (155 ATM) ...

hxpro at wallace 5% timex ls > /dev/null

real        0.59
user        0.34
sys         0.08

hxpro at wallace 6% timex ls -l > /dev/null

real       19.18
user        4.60
sys         7.34

hxpro at wallace 11% timex du -sk
99349056        .

real       11.40
user        0.13
sys         4.83

hxpro at wallace 9% timex find . -name foo -print

real       11.25
user        0.19
sys         3.97

nfsd at 10-15% CPU (R12K at 400)

On the SGI nfsd is a kernel thread place holder, smbd is a user level
process so it will take more time to schedule and context switch etc. It
would be nice to have kernel level smbd hooks and or multithreaded smbd
but that's not an easy port/recode. I agree a directory cache in the
application layer would be nice, you could look at the kernel parameters
xfs_refcache_percent, nbuf, ncsize and try increasing them (disclaimer
we don't do much with them here so your milage may vary ...)


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