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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Fri Oct 6 11:58:44 GMT 2000

Mike Box asked:
| I just installed Samba 2.0.7 on a Solaris 2.7 box.  I've chosen 
| to join an existing NT domain (security = domain).

| Question 1:  Am I correct in my understanding that this is the 
| preferred  configuration to integrate Unix with the existing NT 
| domain?

	It's a sane one, but a tiny bit leading-edge.  It is
	definitely the directioon the team is concentrating on,
	in preference to security = server, which uses some
	backwards-compatability interfaces MS provides for
	win9X: Microsoft was trying to phase out Win9x in
	favor of NT (Windows 2000), but had to back away from
	doing so due to customer demands.

| Question 2:  How do I configure Samba so that a few Win98 computers
| may access  Samba shares?  (Samba shares are accessible from an NT 
| userid, but not from a Win98 computer.  However, shares from the NT
| server are accessible by the Win98 computer.)

	That's probably just a configuration oops: I can
	point you to getting started debugging a non-domain 
	win9x: see

	Work though the fault tree and send the list a note
	if you find the problem, or if you get stuck.
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