Why doesn't smbmount work?

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Fri Oct 6 07:32:52 GMT 2000

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Eduardo Diaz Uriarte wrote:

> Well, in fact, not. I have the same problem whenever I try either with 'mount -t smbfs' or 'smbmount'. And I
> have tried with other users, other passwords, and with and without password. No way.
> The only difference between 'mount' and 'smbmount' is that the error messages doesn't appear duplicated with
> smbmount, ie:
> smbmount:
> tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRinvnetname (Invalid network name in tree connect.) SMB connection failed

I don't know.

But this looks like the win98 isn't happy with where you are coming from.
Is the win98 and the linux box in the same workgroup? But if smbclient
works then this should too ...


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