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Eugene Fisher wrote:
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>> Is there a reason why using the set-group-id would be a problem?
>> This seems to be a problem from the lack of ACLs in Linux, which I'm
>> assuming is
>> your target platform.  What you need is more groups.  If you have a project
>> that
>> will have members which are subsets of one or several groups.  I'd just add
>> a
>> group for the specific project, and SGID the directories.
>> -------
> Yes, SGID helps in that way the user will always create the file owner-group
> correctly.
> But it requires the whole bunch of different groups. It's the lack of ACL,
> you're right.

Does anyone know of any packages besides the direct support of ACLs that would
help with managing the many groups required with an ACL-less Unix?

I know about groups and members, but I don't know if that is enough for a large
scale deployment with 20 or more groups.

Any ideas?


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