IPSEC tunneling

Adam Sleight adams at linearcorp.com
Thu Oct 5 16:34:35 GMT 2000

I've setup of ipsec pass thru at home and also at work a second DSL line for an
ipsec tunnel.  I make sure the winblows machines are in the same workgroup as
the SAMBA server behind the firewall. 

The only way to access those files is to type \\<ipofthesambaserver>  in the
windows explorer address bar.
But to manuever around one double click on the folders and use the back button.
The folders WILL NOT show up on the left side saying it's unable to browse.  

I've made the samba server my WINS server and set the ipsec tunnel and firewall
point to the samba server for the clients WINS server.  Any suggestions.
adam http://www.kaikun.org 4,000+ photos

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