Password sync with encrypted passwords

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Thu Oct 5 16:36:07 GMT 2000


I've just subscribed to the samba lists, but I have been reading Samba Traffic
for a while now.

I saw a while back a discussion about this topic and it came out that the best
solution would be to change the pass on Unix (in this case Linux) with a web
interface and let PAM sync it up with the NT DC.

Is this still the case?  Is there a way to let the password aging inherent in
windows work using the native dialogs?

I have about 120 users and about 15 have their passwords synched.  I'm in a
transition.  The guest on failed pass is great for this.

There is also the problem of detecting if the passwords are different.  Would
this still be a problem or are there some automatic mechanisms in place now?



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