Windows 9x and NT

Chris Watt cnww at
Wed Oct 4 22:26:28 GMT 2000

At 03:23 PM 10/4/00 -0500, JACKSON, Frederick wrote:


Almost invariably this is the result of having encryption turned on,
failing to create a valid smbpassword file, and not reading the docs so you
are totally unaware of this. Read The (ahem) Fine Manual at and if you
still have any questions then come back to the list. 
It is (imho) almost certain that all you need to do is run the command
"; smbpasswd your_user_name". If turns out to be more
complex, then I apologize for thinking that you're wasting my time by
posting questions on something that's explained quite well in the Samba
docs included with the software.

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