Memory usage in Samba 2.0.7

Scott Lawson s.lawson at
Mon Oct 2 09:15:14 GMT 2000


That's a big smb.conf file! I wonder if that might be the issue. It would be
to find out if there are any other people with files of that size...

May I ask why you have 1000 shares in one file? I assume that they aren't home

directories but actual seperate shares. (Homes can be addressed with just one
entry for thousands of users) I imagine that each copy of the smbd daemon
keeps a
copy of the smb.conf in memory, so I would expect that your daemons might
be a bit larger than normal. I believe that the each daemon has the samba
stored in memory and that it refreshes that every few minutes, with  a lot of
running that could account for a large a mount of memory. How samba actual
stores the
configuration in memory could have something to do with the daemon size that
you are
experiencing. One thing you could try if you have a spare box to use, copy
your binary
installation across to another similiar system and cut the smb.conf right down
to just the
base configuration and a couple of shares. Then have a look at the memory
footprint of
the daemons, is it still the same?


Guo Lucy-GLG005 wrote:

> Scott,
> There is nothing different besides the smb.conf file. We have over 1000
> shares and the smb.conf file is about 740K. Each entry/share has about 10
> lines, a lot of them have the same information such as "available = yes",
> "browseable = yes", etc. I wonder if I can consolidate them somehow to
> reduce the size of smb.conf file.
> I will try to re-compile Samba 2.0.7 with newer version of gcc and let you
> know the result.
> Have a good weekend!
> -Lucy



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