Samba and default router

Loic Mahe' mahe at
Mon Oct 2 08:25:24 GMT 2000


> I disagree on this: The lookup is directed to host ISPprimaryDNS, port
> domain, so it _is_ a DNS lookup.

(Oooops) Yes indeed ...

> You can try this one: Set up Samba as a WINS server.
OK, I'll try it.
>     wins support = yes
>     name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
> Do NOT set up "wins server = ..."!

In smb.conf, it is said that 'wins' in 'name resolve order' requires
'wins server'. You seem to disagree ...
Moreover, I don't use a lmhosts file so I think that I'll use
'name resolve order = host' only

> Now your machines should be able to resolve all local names from Samba
> and no longer try to resolve these names at the external DNS.
I hope so ... I'll inform you.


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