incorrect password from windows2000 to samba home share

Tian-Xiong Lu tian at
Wed Nov 29 03:05:24 GMT 2000


I just setup a windows 2000 workstation box, 
and tried to connect to the samba server.

The samba server icon appeared in the "computers
near me". But when I tried to open the samba
home share, I got an error message saying:
"incorrect password or unknown username".

I am aware of that in a windows98 box, I have
to set a DWORD "EnablePlainTextPassword" = 1 in
(due to an old version running on the samba server).

But this key isn't in Windows 2000.

Can anyone overthere threw some hints?

(Please reply to this email address, as I currently
have not registered in this mailing list.)



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