Homes not working

Gilles SIMON gilsim at
Sat Nov 25 15:33:41 GMT 2000

If you want your homes share working, you have to ensure that :
	the directory exists on Linux (ie /home/jdoe)
	and is accessible (either read, or read/write) for this user.

I have to Samba server : one on UnixWare, with few users, one on Linux,
with all users. When someone log on a w98 station, it validates on
Linux. If he browses UnixWare, he sees a share with its name; but there
is no directory associated, so it have same behaviour as yours.

Hope this helps.

Gilles SIMON

Dan Egli <cybrgeek at> wrote:
> I've got a question for all who know Samba very well (which i don't)
> I have  a linux box that I'm using as a CD Server for my network. Each
> suer who logs into the network has a usernameon the linux box and on
> the
> samba share. in my smb.conf file I have the homes enabled, and it
> shows up
> in a list of shares when I look from a windows client, but unlike all
> the
> CD shares, the homes share never works. If I double click on it I get
> either a message saying access was denied or a message saying the
> share
> could not be found.
> If the share cannot be found, why does homes show in the share list?
> And
> why would access to homes be denied when access to most any other
> share is
> granted?
> Thanks!

Gilles SIMON
gilsim at

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