Homes not working

Dan Egli cybrgeek at
Wed Nov 22 16:55:13 GMT 2000

I've got a question for all who know Samba very well (which i don't)

I have  a linux box that I'm using as a CD Server for my network. Each
suer who logs into the network has a usernameon the linux box and on the
samba share. in my smb.conf file I have the homes enabled, and it shows up
in a list of shares when I look from a windows client, but unlike all the
CD shares, the homes share never works. If I double click on it I get
either a message saying access was denied or a message saying the share
could not be found.

If the share cannot be found, why does homes show in the share list? And
why would access to homes be denied when access to most any other share is


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