cant connect..

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here are a few suggestions for you

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> Subject:	cant connect..
> I posted this question a awhile ago,. I appreciated the help that was
> offered and I've tried a few different things...but nothing, here is my
> smb.conf there something I'm missing here
> I went to server manager in NT and added the computer account SAMBA,. I
> can see it in network neighborhood,..but when I double click on
> it,..nothing, just get the same error saying
	[Jason Osborne]  make sure this is a nt server account

> \\samba not accessible
> No service is operating at the destination network endpoint on the remote
> system
> What am I doing wrong,..I'm getting pretty frustrated by now...
> I ran smbpasswd -j STUDIO54 -r SCORPION
> and got this back, 
> Unknown parameter encountered: "domain logins"
> Ignoring unknown parameter "domain logins"
	[Jason Osborne]  I believe the domain logins option is obselete
(correct me if i'm wrong)

> [global]
>         netbios name = samba <--- NEW NETBIOS NAME
>         workgroup = STUDIO54  <-- DOMAIN NAME ON MY WIN NT SERVER
>         security = domain
>         encrypt passwords = yes
> 	  domain logins = yes
>         password server = SCORPION <-- SERVER NAME
>         name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
>         wins support = yes
	[Jason Osborne]  wins support = no
	[Jason Osborne]  wins server = [ip address of nt server]

	[Jason Osborne]  for the above option, you'll need to start a wins
server in nt. samba plays well doing it this way. plus, think of it this
way. the nt server is what actually logs everyone on to the domain. it would
better be able to provide wins support because the clients come to it.

> [files]
> comment = data files
> path = /usr/local/samba/files
> read only = no
> guest ok = yes
> writable = yes
> public = yes
> [mjs]
>         comment = allusers
>         path = /home
	[Jason Osborne]  One other thing you might want to take a look at is
	[Jason Osborne]  Here you will find a lot of help on samba and some
ways to make sure samba itself is running ok
	[Jason Osborne]  And when all else fails, read this entirely.

> I desperately need to get this going..and would appreciate any help
> thanks
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