reg samba for AIX

srivatsan srivats at
Tue Nov 21 10:31:52 GMT 2000

I am a new user to AIX and is trying to print data from a AIX4.3.2
system to windows 95 in a network. I got Samba and is trying to
configure for the system above mentioned but had not tasted success.

        According to the configuration in the samba.conf file, if i
print the /etc/passwd file it is giving error in the 23,32,33rd line of
the shell script winprint. These are the lines smbclient comes into
picture, it also says that -U option is not available. The change i made
to the files are:

server:  address of the system where printer is connected
service : hostname of the AIX system

user and  password are the same. Even without the changes the errors
comes into the picture. How to proceed?

2) From where does smbclient take the broadcast address? I see the
address is wrong and don't know where to change it.

please help me out. Expecting a early reply from you.


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