File locking question

Christoffer Perret christoffer.perret at
Mon Nov 20 09:50:36 GMT 2000

>We encounter the following error.
>Samba-share contains a Word document.
>User 1 (Windows client) opens the document.
>User 2 (Macintosh client) opens the same document.
>User 2 is given write access, no file locking occurs.
>If you User 2 opens the file from a Windows client, he only
>has read-access because locking occurs (wanted situation).
>Any thoughts?

Seems to me that you are using netatalk for Mac connectivity. If my memory doesn't play tricks on me, netatalk currently does not support file locking.

I haven't been able to test it myself, but maybe you could. What is the situation if two Macintosh clients try to access the same file after the first has opened it?

Christoffer Perret

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