nbmd's debug code.

Florian Lorenzen florenz at postgate.mpi-bremen.de
Mon Nov 20 14:41:28 GMT 2000

Hi there,

I'd like to know where I can get a list of nmbd's debug codes and their
meaning. The trouble I have is that I've installed Samba 2.05 as a PDC
what works fine for the NTs at the moment but the 9x can't find the
domain. The line in nmb.log for a succesful log says
"process_logon_packet from this and that client and then some code = 7".
The not successful attempt by a Win 9x returns "code = 0" and I don't
know what this means. I don't think there's a kind of browsing problem
because the 9x gets the browsing list by the Samba WINS-server correctly
if it does not logon to the domain.

Any idea where to get this list or does someone know what the "code = 0"

Any help appreciated,


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