Group problems

Wilson, William N william.n.wilson at
Thu Nov 16 19:50:11 GMT 2000

I am trying to connect an NT domain to an AIX unix machine.  The connection
is fine and I can see the UNIX shares.

I am mapping to a home directory "/home" which contains the users.  All the
users are in the same group with their read/write permissions set to
rwxrw-r-x so the group permissions for read/write are open.  On the Unix
machine, logged in as user1 with a home directory of /home/user1, I can copy
a file "test" from my direcory to user2 "/home/user2" with no errors.

On the NT side, I cannot do the same copy.  The directory /home is mounted
as a drive on my NT box.  Doing a directory there yields the users "user1"
and "user2".  When I try to do the copy, I get access violations.  

Here are the definitions from the smb.conf file.

	comment = home directories
	path = /home
	public = yes
	guest ok = yes
	writable = yes
	valid users = @mygroup

Mygroup is the name in our /etc/group file of our common group.  

Any help here would be appreciated!

Bill Wilson

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