Mysterious user authentication failure on basic network

Myles Pope (MLPA) mlpope at
Thu Nov 16 17:40:52 GMT 2000

Hi Bill,

Good on you mate! Thanks for your reply. Whilst trying encrypted passwords
in smb.conf was something I had tried already without success, your pointer
to encryption as the cause was of course spot on. I made the clear text
registry entry changes to both Win95B and Win98SE PCs and all worked
perfectly. In short, I agree with you and I think that SAMBA and Windows
don't always get their encryption alligned (no really rigorous hard
research, just a hunch of mine at this stage but I found that my SAMBA
server talked on a 2m piece of coax to a Win95B machine and simply worked
first time but when I moved the SAMBA server to a larger live network that
was when the encryption problem got me.)

 *** Clear text solved the problem ***

The only unresolved issue that is playing on my mind is why one Win95B PC
worked first time whereas another Win95B PC needed the registry changed to
clear text before it would work..... anyway, since it works I am happy for
now and can overlook this apparent mystery.

I hope this info helps someone else too and saves them the 2 late nights I
have had on this one ...

Many thanks again for your help Bill.

Myles Pope
mailto:mlpope at
0417 20 2244
+61 417 20 2244

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You said > Sent: Thursday, 16 November 2000 01:51
You said > To: mlpope at
You said > Subject: Re: Mysterious user authentication failure
You said > on basic network
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You said >
You said > Hi, Myles.
You said >
You said > > linux, if I do it from windows (ie net view
You said > \\server or net use x:
You said > > \\server\tmp) I get password prompts and then
You said > authentication failures for
You said > > any likely password or blank password which appear in
You said > > /var/log/win9cname.log. These logs show simply
You said > "username ""authentication
You said > > failure".
You said >
You said > You may wish to add "encrypt passwords = Yes" in the
You said > [global] section of
You said > your smb.conf file.  As I recall, Win95 sends
You said > passwords in clear text
You said > (unless a registry entry is made to tell it
You said > otherwise), while Win98 sends
You said > encrypted passwords.  I've had similar
You said > authentication problems when Samba
You said > and Windows did not agree on encryption.
You said >
You said > Also check the documentation about passwords... on
You said > my system the docs are in
You said > /usr/doc/samba-2.0.7/docs/textdocs.  Take a look at
You said > Win95.txt.  And you
You said > don't mention which version of Samba you're using.
You said > I'm running 2.0.7 under
You said > Red Hat Linux 6.2 with little difficulty.
You said >
You said > Hope this helps.
You said >
You said > -Bill
You said >
You said >

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