Share problems

Rick Rambo RamboRL at
Wed Nov 15 19:05:16 GMT 2000

We have an Intel RH6.2 system running samba 2.06.  The system has what
I will call two different tyopes of shares. (1) User/home shares and (2)
shares.  The "user" shares seem to operate just fine files can be
apps can open these files and edit them no problems.  The "library" shares
all are
accessed by the same softwware "Revision Master" a small document/file
management system.  The software runs just fine on WinNT 4.0 shares, but has
quite a few problems when moved to Samba.  performance of the library drops
to nil if you can
open it at all, new files cannot be added, and some update operations won't
I have reset the file system and share perms to 777, to try and determine if
it is
a perm problem. Nothing changes.  Since the "user" shares seem to be fine I
assuming this is a problem with the app.  Has anyone any experience with
samba for application access problems?


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