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Lorenzo Corradini lcorradini at katamail.com
Tue Nov 14 19:01:02 GMT 2000


 again about this problem, I am very sorry. Well, in this moment I don't
 understand how to include files in two levels.
 Glenn, from you e-mail I understand that you have a smb.conf file
 and, I suppose,
 in this file you have defined the [global] section and the [home] section.
 In the smb.conf file you have not any other share definition and you only have
 include statements. Your smb.conf file looks like:



 include = /path/to fileA
 include = /path/to fileB

 If I understand right, in fileA and fileB you have:

 include = /path/to fileC
 include = /path/to fileD

 In fileC, fileD, .... you have shares definitions.

 In my case it doesn't work. I cannnot see shares that are defined in
 fileC, fileD, ....
 It only works if I put shares definitions in fileA, fileB, ....in the
 first include level. Why? Can you help me again about this problem?
 Thank you very much.


> Hello,
> I do this by not making any shares in my smb.conf file but adding a line like the
> following in there
> include = /path/to/name dependant/shares/smb.conf.%m
> the %m is the netbios name of the machine trying to connect.
> I have a file for each of my machines, I don't have 300 only about 25 so this is
> managable.
> In each of those files I have lines that include shares
> include = /path/to/share/conf files/smb.conf.sales
> now in each of those files I have the share info.
> This works for me because each user is generally at one machine, no moving
> around.  This is not user dependant but machine dependant.  I also put in each
> share declaration valid users so if someone does go to another machine and sees a
> share they don't have access to they still can't get in.
> There is probably a better way but this seems to work.
>         Glenn
> Lorenzo Corradini wrote:
> >  Good morning. I am working as system administrator in a LAN with 300 Win9X
> >  clients and I am trying to install a production SAMBA server. I am using
> >  samba 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.2 and Domain security.
> >  I am trying to solve a problem.
> >
> >  *) I have created, for example, 10 shares and I can access only 4 of them
> >     (I have rights to read or write only for 4 shares).
> >     Well, is it possible to hide to my browsing the 6 shares that I can not
> >     access. I need to obtain an effect like the one I have for the Home share.
> >     Each user can only see its own home directory and not the home directories
> >     of the other users. I am trying to understand if I can obtain the same
> >     effect for the other shares.
> >
> >  Thank you very much,
> >  Lorenzo Corradini.
> >
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