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>    4. HP-UX (Frank Hale (Liberty, USA))
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> From: "Frank Hale (Liberty, USA)" <Frank.Hale at libertyfabrics.com>
> Subject: HP-UX
> Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 13:22:14 -0500
> I am trying to setup Samba on an HP-UX machine.  Everytime I try to start
> the SMB and NMB I get a Core Dump.  Can anyone give me any tips or
> suggestions on how I might solve this problem and get it working.  I have
> always been able to get it working on Linux, but unfortunately I am not very
> familiar with HP-UX and am a bit lost.

Frank you must give some more information about your system.
I installed samba on a HP-UX 9.05 without any problem.
I just follewed the installation procedure for compilling and configuration.

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