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Fri Nov 3 16:48:57 GMT 2000

    Hi everybody!
    I'm having an anoying problem with Samba.
    This is the scenario:
            Unix HP-UX 10.20
            Authentication through NIS
            Samba Server  2.0.3
            NT 4 (SP5) or Windows 2000 clients.
            Once in a while one of the users can't map their directory at
the samba server. It keeps asking user and password (it shouldn't because
the configuration we have never ask for those). Even though the users enter
their Unix names and passwords they aren't able to connect.
            The problem gets pretty awful when a user has to reset his/her
machine. At next logon his/her NT 4 /Windows 2000 gets locked and they can't
log in their Windows accounts.
            This doesn't seem to happen for on particular reason.
            We couldn't re-create this error.
            The smbd.log gives me these two messages for every refused
        [2000/11/03 13:17:25, 0] smbd/uid.c:(104)
        Couldn't set effective gid to -2 currently set to (real=0,eff=0)
        [2000/11/03 13:17:25, 0] smbd/service.c:(425)
        Can't become connected user!

            I have no idea of what's the reason for the account locked and
all that. Can anybody help me???

            Thank you,


Viviana V. Basso GTSS - CS 
Unix Regional Support 
Motorola Argentina S.A. 
Email: avb012 at 




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