Problem with Samba and Lotus Notes 5.0.3

Tobias Galitzien tg at
Fri Nov 3 17:18:23 GMT 2000


I have Lotus Notes 5.0.3 and the respective Notes client on a winframe
server and several ICA clients as workstations.

I don't know very much about Lotus Notes, other guys are managing it,
all I can see is that the client is configured to create some files in
the user's home directory called CACHE.DSK, DESKTOP.DSK and maybe some

The home directories are on a Samba 2.0.5a server. Everything works
without problems there except this Notes client. The symptom is: Every
time a user is logged in to Notes client but doesn't touch it for about
20 minutes. When she tries to use it again after this break, it freezes
immediately with an "unexpected network error" message. This happens
always, perfectly reproducable.

If I move the home directories to a "real" NT server, Notes client
doesn't show this behaviour.

What I tried is to tell Samba to refuse Oplocks for these files (*.DSK),
then I switched off Oplocks for the whole home share. I fiddled with
socket options and double checked the overall configuration but I had no
success at all.

Desperately looking for a hint where to search next!

	Tobias Galitzien, Channel One GmbH

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