smbprint and Solaris 2.7

Mike Box mbox at
Wed Nov 1 18:03:30 GMT 2000

I have Samba installed on a Solaris 2.7 system.  I wish to offer my users the
capability to print from Unix to their private printer attached to their PC 
running Windows 98/NT/2000.  Following these directions, "7.2.2 System V 
printers", in, I 
created a printer definition for the PC-attached printer.  Also, from the PC I 
defined the printer to be shared.

When I print a file, with the aid of debugging statements in smbprint.sysv, I
see the script repeatedly executing the smbclient statements, as if the driver
is being called repeatedly to print the file.  The file never prints and remains
in this state until I "cancel" it.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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