Loosing mastership

James Nord teilo at cdt.luth.se
Wed Nov 1 17:57:34 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> James Nord wrote:
> >
> > > So, shouldn't "os level = 45" guarantee that the
> > > server gets control?
> >
> > Depends on what clients you have.  If you have any
> > Win2000 machines 65 is needed.
> Do you have traces of elections packets with Win2k clients
> having something other than 32 for DCs and 16 for other servers/
> workstations?  Just curious.  All the network traces I looked
> at showed the previous information.  Just curious....


I have no traces but IIRC this was discussed on one of the samba lists§
when 2K was in beta.  Besides it says so in the docs ;-)
> os level = 65 ; This will win against any NT Server

I can't capute a trace as I have no Win 2000 servers running but I have
pro if that is enough..


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