Transitioning to PDC mode

Gary Algier gaa at
Wed Nov 1 14:15:02 GMT 2000

We currently are running samba 2.0.6 in "security = user" mode with
unencrypted passwords.  We did this because people have had Unix logins
for years and I can't make up an smbpasswd file without knowing all
their passwords.

I would like to transition to a PDC mode.  However, I want to use a
different system acting only as the PDC (and netlogin, etc.) server
with the current samba server using the new system as the PDC.

On current system (samba 2.0.6 -- though I will upgrade to 2.0.7) the
smb.conf file contains:
		workgroup = Ulticom
		server string = Spike
		local master = yes
        	os level = 65
	        domain master = yes 
	        preferred master = yes
	        domain logons = no
Correct me if I wrong, but I think I need to do this:
   After change on original system:
		workgroup = Ulticom
		server string = Spike
		local master = no
		os level = 65
		domain master = no
		prefered master = no
		domain logon = no
		encrypt passwords = yes
		security = server
		password server = chuckie
   And on new system (I was going to use 2.2 from CVS for this):
		workgroup = Ulticom
		server string = chuckie
		os level = 65
		domain logons = yes
		unix password sync = true
		encrypt passwords = yes

Now, here's the question:

Is there a way I can transition?  I would like to start collecting the
contents of smbpasswd on "spike" for a week then copy it to "chuckie"
and then "turn on" PDC control.  I don't really want to have to
ask everyone to write down their passwords and then type them all
in.  If I create an smbpasswd file on spike will it just start collecting?
If I ask everyone to change their passwords will that do it?

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