Newbie Access Question

Anthony Abby anthony at
Wed Nov 1 15:01:27 GMT 2000

> > Jerry:
> >
> > I'm not sure I understand that.  I have several shares on
> > my Linux box.  My NT accounts are able to connect to
> > my 'share' share, which is simply /share_root on my linux
> > box, but called 'share' in terms of netbios.  Why
> > would I be able to connect to \\machinename\share
> > but not \\machinename\homedirname?  Both of my machines are
> > inside a firewall, and share the same subnet so I do not
> > use lmhosts or a wins server.
> My bust.  I read this wrong.  Is <homedirname> a placeholder
> here for a username?  If so what is the username used to
> connect

Jerry, yes <homedirname> is a placeholder for a username.  In the caseI've
been testing it's 'administrator', but I also have an account named
'anthony'.  The correct netbios name would be \\machinename\administrator or
\\machinename\anthony.  Other than my 'share' share I also shared out my
webroot (/var/www/html/) so I could do development on our "Intranet" from my
NT workstation.  I also have no problem connecting to that share. I created
a user group called 'sambashare' and gave group ownership of \share_root
(\\machinename\share) and /var/www/html/ (\\machinename\webroot) to
sambashare.  The home directories (/home/administrator/ and /home/anthony/)
remain solely owned by administrator and anthony alike.

Have no problems authenticating onto the group shares (which both use user
level security), just the home directories for some reason.  Neither
administrator, nor anthony have root or any other SU privs, but they are
both members of the sambashare group.

Thanks for your help!

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