smbmount problems when mounted share goes offline.

Reid Sutherland reid at
Wed May 31 15:02:58 GMT 2000

(using samba-2.0.7 on Debian Linux 2.2.15)


  I'm wondering how do I get around the problem when you smbmount a share on
a win32 machine and that machine reboots, the mount becomes a blackhole. If
you attempt an 'ls', 'df' or anything that would access that mount point the
program then goes into a state of void and cannot be killed, leaving the
proc open until reboot (another way?) and the mount "busy".

  Any suggestions on how to unmount the share and remount it (remount
readonly?)? I'm not much into testing this since it requires me to use a
production server. Also, I've since made the kernel smbfs a module. Will
that help? Just rmmod it if it blackholes?



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