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Mike.Molnar at sita.int Mike.Molnar at sita.int
Tue May 30 11:47:14 GMT 2000

Thanks for your response, I believe I need to provide more information,
     the PC is on GMT with Daylight saving time, showing 11:40
     the RS6000 is on BST, showing 11:40
The PC time is actually set using the "net time" command from the RS6000.

When I write a file to one of the samba shares, the file save time is 1 hour
old.   If I set "time offset = 60" in smb.conf, then when I do my "net time" the
PC time will be 1 hour ahead but the file save time will now be correct ??

I think it's something on the UNIX box and my first guess is that Samba is not
handling it correctly.  But can I fix this or work around it?
Basically I would like my PC and RS6000 to be in time sync'd and also have the
files written to the samba shares on the RS6000 to have the same time.

Thanks again

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At 05:46 PM 5/30/00 +1000, Mike.Molnar at sita.int wrote:

>Hi.  I'm running on a Windows 98 client and an  RS6000 with Samba 2.0.7
>I've used "net time \\ibrissde /SET /YES" to sync the times between the two
>systems ... but if I save a file onto the RS6000 through Samba on a mapped
>the file in UNIX is 1 hour old.

Almost invariably this means that one of your machines has a timezone
configuration problem (and curse SMB for using local time instead of UTC).
Either one of them thinks it's an hour ahead (or behind) the other or one
thinks it's on daylight-savings time (some *ix OS's have a problem with
this I'm told). Usually this can be solved by playing with the
timezone/clock settings on one of your machines, failing that you can
always override it in smb.conf, to quote the man page:

       time offset (G)

              This parameter is a setting in minutes  to  add  to
              the  normal  GMT  to local time conversion. This is
              useful if you are serving a lot of  PCs  that  have
              incorrect daylight saving time handling.

              Default:      time offset = 0

              Example:      time offset = 60

Who is this General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?

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