SAMBA digest 2537

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun May 28 18:44:00 GMT 2000

[Ludwig Meyerhoff <ludwig at>]
> But there is a small problem when I wanted to print a page with some
> graphical data in the headline (like the company-logo).  I insert the
> logo in the headline in Word or Staroffice as a GIF/BMP (no matter).
> The original PS-file can be shown quite well.  But when my scripts
> are ready, the PS file cannot be displayed because of an error in the
> middle of the graphic-data (so the offending offset gsview reports).
> As I tried out what it could be, I notice the scripts work fine with
> the cliparts (WMF?) Word wa shipped with. And a GIF or BMP in the
> middle of the text is no problem also.  Now, where/what is the
> problem (I have it, but I did not localize it yet)?

Sorry, but what on Earth makes you think we would have any idea?

First of all, we are Samba users, and this question has nothing to do
with Samba.  It has everything to do with file formats and PostScript.

Second, we do not have a clue how your scripts work or what your
PostScript files look like.  We have no idea what software you are
using for sending the FAX.  While I think we might assume it is using
Ghostscript as its frontend, we don't know how Ghostscript is being
invoked or even what version you are using.

The first point is the more important of the two.  In short, your post
was offtopic.


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