SAMBA digest 2537

Ludwig Meyerhoff ludwig at
Sun May 28 09:32:29 GMT 2000


I have a small question. I wanted to improve Samba-faxing. The system shown in the HOWTO does not include the nice features a faxing-program
like Winfax offer. Chain-fax, adressbook and much more.
So I began to write a series of scripts to manipulate the incoming fax to send.
The text should have all the command on the 1st page.
My scripts split the text in two parts: 1st page and pages 2-end.
Then the 1st page is parsed for commands like the fax-numbers to send the fax to.
The filtered numbers are then put one by one on top of the faxsheet (?), prepared before with several placeholders/variables.
For each faxnumber on the command-page an own faxsheet is created, cutted with the 2-end pages and saved as an own PS-file.
That works quite fine, I only need to throw the fax in the sendfax-spool.

But there is a small problem when I wanted to print a page with some graphical data in the  headline (like the company-logo).
I insert the logo in the headline in Word or Staroffice as a GIF/BMP (no matter). The original PS-file can be shown quite well.
But when my scripts are ready, the PS file cannot be displayed because of an error in the middle of the graphic-data (so the offending offset
gsview reports). As I tried out what it could be, I notice the scripts work fine with the cliparts (WMF?) Word wa shipped with. And a GIF or BMP
in the middle of the text is no problem also.
Now, where/what is the problem (I have it, but I did not localize it yet)? How can I solve it?



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