questions about sharing a printer, and SWAT...

Kittel, John John.Kittel at
Fri May 26 22:47:15 GMT 2000

I've never used samba before. I've just got it started up on my Red Hat
Linux 6.1 on an i586 processor; Samba version 2.0.5a.

There is a printer on this system. I want to offer it as a share.

Using SWAT, when I go to the "printers" page, it seems to only allow me to
"choose" a printer, "delete" a selected printer, or "add" a printer. I don't
see any way to change or modify how or if a printer is shared.

When I first went to the "view" page,  it showed that the printer was
offered as a share, but the parameter "browseable" was set to "no". When I
go to my NT system and try to add a printer, I can't see it. (I do see the
workgroup and node.) So, I tried editing smb.conf and changing "browseable"
to "yes". Now when I go to the SWAT "view" page, it doesn't show me the
"browseable" parameter at all. And my NT system still doesn't see the
printer offered.

Where am I going wrong on this?


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